About Kimberly

family pic
Conner, Keith, me, Lauren, 2018

I’ve been active my whole life. I grew up playing softball, spent summers at the pool, and have a family involved in sports. I probably got in better shape in college, and a life of wellness has only increased through the years. Full disclosure: I just have a lot of experience, not degrees or certificates, in each area. The long and short of it is I didn’t run track in high school or in college, but I did play softball and soccer (thanks Title IX) in college at Campbell University (class of 2000). I’m pretty sure the only reason I walked on in college is because I made for decent mid-fielder -I could out run the competition. I then attended Duke University to earn a degree I will one day use (anyone out there want to discuss Old Testament theology – anyone, Bueller, Bueller?). Fast forward from having two amazing kids (daughter, currently aged 16, and a son, currently aged 14), and I stay busy with life. I have an incredible husband who is possibly my biggest cheerleader. He has woken up early more times than ever necessary to drop me off at races; he has learned the art of making the best waffles and bacon after a long run and I come home hangry. He also thinks his weekend isn’t complete without a trip to Lowe’s Hardware.

I have run a lot of races –some really great ones where I’ve posted a time no one saw coming to others that I have felt utterly defeated and left wondering why am I running? When I’m not running, which is always super early in the morning,  I work a full-time job in the pharmaceutical world, teach piano in the afternoons, watch cheer loudly while my daughter runs track, and watch my son play soccer (his rule, I must stay subdued), and fit in as much travel as I can. I’m one of the weird ones who has always eaten healthy, learned what works and what doesn’t for my own fitness, and become a pretty good cook along the way.

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