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After running the 800m on the track team in high school, I took a 17 year long running hiatus. When I decided one day to try running again, I started at the very beginning with the couch to 5K plan. After that, my love for running was reborn. I don’t think it ever really left me, despite letting it go all those years ago. I am now 7 years into recreational running and racing, and it has brought better health, confidence, and most importantly, joy, into my life.

IMG_3392This new life in running began after my twins Nick and Maddy (now age 13) went off to kindergarten. Though I had been an avid gym goer, I wanted to be a “runner.” At first, I didn’t step one foot on the asphalt, but did all my first runs on the treadmill. For some reason, I didn’t consider myself a runner until I could run 3 miles at once. It’s funny how those who run have different definitions of what being a runner means. (hint: the first step you make in your first run, no matter how far you go or how fast you go, you are a runner!)

I ran my first 10K in 2010 and my first half marathon in 2011, but didn’t start to try to improve my running until the last few years. Erica and I, with some other friends, had put together a little social running group on Tuesday nights. Some of these runners then joined Kimberly at Isotolp Fitness in Apex, and we all gained greater fitness and strength. A couple years later, we joined a new running group, led by our wonderful coach Holly Kane, and our running further improved. Since my first races, I have run more races than I can count from 5Ks, to obstacle course races, to full marathons, and once completed a SUP race. I have learned a lot about running, mostly by trial and error, but also by podcasts, books, blogs, articles, anything I can get my hands on to learn and improve my running. Running for me is my hobby, my therapy, and my time with dear friends. My favorite races have always been with friends, including the old Raleigh Reliable Run (now part of the City of Oaks race), Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, New York City Marathon, and the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, to name a few with my favorite race memories.

IMG_3450My husband Greg and I are born and bred North Carolinians and have lived in Apex for 17 years. We both enjoy living a healthy but balanced lifestyle. In between running, I have been working part time as a postpartum doula for 8 years, and working with my children after school. My interests besides running include cooking, reading, autism advocacy and awareness, brewing kombucha, and recovering on the beach with a drink from my favorite tiki bar.

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