About Erica

Hi, I’m Erica and I’m a runner. It’s taken me most of my life to truly believe that. I have always been athletic and involved with sports, but a runner I was not. This is perhaps how I ended up playing field hockey goalie through high school and college (D3 – Eastern Mennonite University). I ran slowly during those years to train for hockey season and dreaded when our coach told us to line up on the end line for some sprints.

Post college, I started doing triathlons because I missed the competition. After my twins were born, I signed up for a half ironman as a way to get back in shape.  I signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach to know I could run that distance. Although I did ok, I started wondering how to do better next time. Running was one of those things that crept up on me. I signed up for more and more half marathons and fewer triathlons. Plus, with young kids, it was much easier to step out my front door and go for a run any time of the day than it was to get to the pool or go for a bike ride.  Throughout the years, I’ve done my fair share of Spartan Races, trail runs, triathlons, and half marathons.  Running has gotten me through the many peaks and valleys of life.

I started believing that I was a runner instead of just someone who ran when I was accepted into the 2015 New York City Marathon.  I joined Happy Running to add speed to my workouts, which made difference in my running. In addition, this group connected me with some pretty awesome friends. I’ve run 3 marathons now and while the distance is still my nemesis, I’ll keep at it!

I love all things fitness and wellness, including healthy eating. I started a tradition of doing daily wall squats in my office (education technology startup). I have 10 year old twin daughters who love swim team and soccer and a supportive and patient husband who is also a very good cook!


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