Running Thoughts: Before Vs. Now

Before: I stayed up too late! Waking up to run at 5am is going to hurt!
Now: I'm so rested! I'll try to get my run in by 9am.

Before: (me, texting my friends that I'm running late for our run)
Now: I miss running with the group.

Before: I want to run in downtown Apex, but the traffic and stop lights will slow 
me down too much.
Now: I'm practically running in the middle of the street! I have seen 5 cars 
and 6 people in the last hour! This is crazy.

Before: I have to be finished by 6:20am, so I can see the kids before they 
leave for school.
Now: It's noon. Why are they still asleep?

Before: I need to leave work by 3:30 today, so I can make it to my son's track meet.
Now: I miss my job. I miss watching track meets.

Before: Hmmm, I wonder if I can hit these paces?
Now: Where is my Garmin? Oh well, be back later.

Before: All my jeans need a wash, so I'll just wear my Oiselle leggings.
Now: What are jeans?

Before: My hamstrings are bothering me. I probably should take a rest day or two.
Now: I wish I could run, but the doctor said we had to quarantine until next week.

Before: Is it weird to wave at other runners when I pass them?
Now: (me, waving at ALL the other runners I see. And they wave back)

Before: I will never own a treadmill, ugh, just no
Now: I wish I had a treadmill while we are quarantined!

Before: I feel so accomplished for a Saturday! Long run, breakfast, and 
showered by 10am!
Now: It's 11 am and my pre-long run routine is now complete. I can go run now.

Before: I am not looking forward to the hot and humid summer running.
Now: I am lucky I can still run.

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