Koala clip – running with your phone

This past fall, I found myself doing a few solo runs, and I wanted to carry my phone so that I could listen to podcasts. I didn’t want to buy an arm band or have anything around my waist. My friend Amy told me about the Koala clip as a solution, and I LOVE it. This little case is mesh, your phone slides in, and you clip it on the back of your sports bra. And it stays put. This little genius invention does NOT MOVE. I don’t have any chaffing.


  • Carry your phone easily
  • koala clip is light weight – like a sock
  • sweat and water resistant

Right now, for the month of January, Koala Clip will be donating 100% of their profits to support the efforts of fighting the fires in Australia and caring for the animals being rescued. This is a GREAT idea, and I love that this company, who was inspired by the koala and how they carry their babies, is now donating money to help Australia.

Here’s a link to get you started: Koalaclip

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