Shoe Review: Asics GT-2000

I inherited a few of my beloved grandmother’s traits, but there is only one that I am not as fond of: my flat feet. As a runner, this causes over pronation, which in turn means my shoe options are more limited. Every time I go to Fleet Feet to get fitted for a new pair of shoes, I wish they would tell me I can run in a neutral shoe, of which there seem to be dozens of choices. However, it’s a stability shoe that I need, and sadly they haven’t changed that assessment in many years. A stability shoe is fine, but for years it was tricky to find one that was light enough to not feel like bricks on my feet.

I wore the Asics GT-2000 for several years after I started running again in 2010. They were clunky and heavy, but what did I know? I was a newbie runner for the most part and it would do just fine. I moved on to Brooks Ravennas, which are still my favorite shoe for my foot. Stable, light, with some cushion. I also wore Nike Zoom Structure more recently, but have come to realize that they don’t hold up as long as my Brooks, and don’t have the comfort level that I want. Not to mention, well, it’s Nike…my feelings for them aren’t stellar, given recent news in the running world.

Back to Fleet Feet to see if I can find another shoe…they pull the pair of Asics I wore years ago. I was definitely not sold, until I tried it on. I’d heard on Twitter somewhere recently that Asics had really done a do-over with this shoe, trying to be a more competitive option next to Nike, Brooks, Hokas, and Mizunos. It has the gel and foam sole to provide the cushion that Asics is known for, but as light as my Ravennas at 8.2oz, and the same 10mm drop. They felt really good…a little clunkier than my Brooks, but light and cushy. And such a pretty color–not quite Carolina Blue, but still a pretty periwinkle.

In my first run in them, I am sold that I have found a second shoe to my Brooks. This was a recovery run, just a day after an 18 mile long run, so my legs and feet were tired and sore. In these shoes though, they felt MUCH better, well protected, and quite pillowy. The perfect feeling on your feet for a recovery run, and probably even a long run. I’ll try some speed work in them as well, just to be able to compare to my Brooks. I can’t imagine I’ll switch out my Ravennas for the new Asics on race day, but it is good to have another option.

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