New Shoes! Mizuno WaveKnit 3

mizunoI broke down, traded in my Brooks, and bought the Mizuno WaveKnit 3. It’s a new model, so my local running store only stocked boring newspaper grey, but I checked online stores and they showed a few more colors. The salesman at Fleet Feet Sports raved about them and urged me to try them on. I was skeptical at first because years ago I tried out a pair of Mizuno and they caused a blister (and the same size/location of blister happened to another friend of mine, too, wearing the same shoe). I’ve stayed away from Mizunos, letting them run the market on football and baseball cleats.

But, let me tell you – these shoes are my new go-to! They are a firmer neutral running shoes. My foot didn’t flop around, my high arch felt supported, the sizing was correct, and my legs, knees, ankles, etc felt great while running.

I know it can be hard to switch to a new brand of running shoes, but if you’re looking to branch out and get curious, I highly recommend Mizuno WaveKnit 3.

Let me know if you’ve ever switched running shoe brands and what you thought.

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