Favorite Race Swag

When we ran the Medoc Trail 5 miler race a few weeks ago, we were stoked to receive the race swag: a tech t-shirt, Medoc sticker, finishers medal, and a finishers surprise: a super cute trucker hat. Even the race winners (Erica won 1st AG!) received one of our favorite awards ever: a brand new pair of Goodr sunglasses. It got me thinking about other awesome races who organized some feel good swag!

I love a good metal. One of my favorites is from the Bird In Hand Half Marathon in PA. This metal is a real Amish horseshoe decorated with a few small road apples. I especially like a metal that is multifunctional, rather than being purely decorative. I have yet to receive this kind of metal–I’d love one that is a bottle opener or a coaster!

The Wrightsville Beach Marathon has always given great race swag. One year, a pair of retro 1980s tube socks with 26.2 printed on the side. Another year, a comfy pair of pajama pants. Their shirts are also incredibly soft each year. If it isn’t a tech shirt I can wear during other workouts, I especially love a soft cotton shirt that I can relax in. At the Ocean Isle Half Marathon, we received a fantastic half zip, fleece lined pull over with pockets, which I have worn more times than I can count. A great shirt is a key element of a well organized race; otherwise, it just ends up in a drawer forever and never worn. I love a race shirt that I want to wear again and again. See Kimberly’s post about what makes a great race shirt!

The NYC marathon was another race with excellent swag, as you might expect, being the largest marathon in the world. Your race bib and shirt come in a clear, well-made drawstring bag to be used for gear check, if you go that route. Even better, if you do not check a bag, you are given a poncho at the finish line. It is fleece lined, waterproof, and has a hood. I have reused this poncho multiple times–it came in handy in a major way at the finish line during the infamous Virginia Beach Half Marathon in 2017.

Speaking of the Virginia Beach race, they too have good swag. The year we ran, we received a hat and a beach towel, in addition to the metal and race shirt. They also gave a bowl of Irish stew at the finish. The Richmond marathon also gave a great running hat. You really can’t have too many of those in the summer and on rainy days.

Other favorite swag involves food or other samples a runner can use. I love it when I see an energy bar sample in the swag bag, or a sample of Biofreeze. By far my favorite swag bag food item that will likely never be beat was from Bird In Hand race: a real homemade whoopie pie with our race swag. I mean, really, how awesome is that?!

What swag have you received that was most memorable?

1 thought on “Favorite Race Swag

  1. A pair of Feetures socks at the White Water Center 50k.
    The medal at the Gamelands Ultra in Wagram was a wooden axe.

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