Race Review: Gobble Wobble 10k

Turkey is tied down so he wouldn’t fly 500 miles in the wind. Post race – I saved my coffee and was so glad! I was cold.


I wanted to run one more 10k before the year closed out, and after a quick google search, I found the Gobble Wobble 10k in Smithfield, NC. It would only be a quick 50 minute drive, and with this year being the 11th annual year the race is run, I figured it would be a well-organized event. I was so right!


  • Close-enough to easily make this a morning drive and be back home before lunch. 
  • Packet pick-up day of race at the start-line
  • Numerous volunteers! Multiple volunteers at every turn, a couple of water stations, a volunteer who led a warm-up jazzercise class, and a MC.
  • Immediate results posted
  • Everyone stayed and waited on the last place finishers to cheer them in.
  • Small race! Definitely was a local favorite. With a 5k option as well, there were a lot of families participating.
  • Canned food drive – I like a race that provides a tangible benefit to the community; this race had each participant donate 5 canned food items.
  • Drawing for a free turkey
  • Hot chocolate at the finish
  • Parking! So many spaces, all free, and all within 1/4 mile to the start line
  • Lots of signs – you always knew where to go!
  • Date of race – I love how it wasn’t interfering with bigger, local races (Post City of Oaks, weekend following Gobble Wobble is Holly Springs Half, etc).
  • Started beside a cemetery and Episcopal church – excellent vibe.


  • I can’t quite call this course a loop. It was an out and back, circle around the block, then do it backwards, and add in 30 more turns.
  • Uphill finish. Race directors who aren’t runners plan uphill finishes.
  • I wouldn’t consider this flat and fast, which is what I was hoping for. It’s rolling, and if the weather had been better, this bullet point may go away. But, running uphill in a headwind just isn’t my cup of tea.
  • I didn’t see any snacks.
  • No cash prizes, only a medal for awards. Not a huge deal, but $20 at a local run store will get you a new pair of socks.

This race was full of a small town feel; everyone was so polite and supportive. I think it would be a lot of fun to do with a group of Happy Runners who want a confidence boost!

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