Race Review: Medoc Mtn

medoc trailI think the only reason I signed up for the  Medoc Mtn 5 mile trail run was wanting to spend a weekend at Lake Gaston with Erica and Karen. They are convinced this was all my idea, which is only plausible if I signed up while drinking wine and then texted them. The run was just something to do on Saturday. What I REALLY wanted was to sit on the dock with a glass of wine wearing a hoodie, sweats, fuzzy socks and reading a good book.

Erica PROMISED that it wasn’t a technical race.  She had never run this trail before, so looking back I’m not sure how she knew this, but I trusted her assessment. I knew I didn’t want to get hurt and my track record for running on trails isn’t strong. My goal was to stay upright and on my feet the entire time. And, if I didn’t come in last that would be a successful day.

We woke to a gorgeous sunrise over the lake, ate our breakfast, and drove about 30 minutes to Medoc Mtn Park. We parked in a grassy lot, and proceeded to freeze our tails off for about 20 minutes while we picked up our packet, which consisted of a our bib and a shirt. We went back to the car to warm up (it was in the 40s!). There were under 500 people for both the 10 mile and 5 mile run, and everyone seemed very low key and happy.

Our national anthem was sung acapella and then the 10 mile group was off wmedoc hathile the 5 mile group waited another 15 minutes for the course to clear. When we got running, there were volunteers at nearly every mile either with gatorate/water or letting us know which turn to take. The course was rooty, but not rocky. There were plenty of leaves and pine straw to hide the roots, but I was very conscious to shorten my stride and keep my feet up. I think the course was really pretty, but honestly, I was looking down a good bit. I crossed the finish line and Erica and Karen greeted me having already finished several minutes (at least) ahead of me.

We went back to the car to grab our lawn chairs and sweatshirts, then we had our choice of three different hot soups! Perfect way to warm up! We also got a race medal and a running hat. A local band played while we waited for awards –Erica took 1st place in our age group and won a pair of Goodr sunglasses.medoc award

Overall, this was a fantastic event. It was very organized, easy to get to, great volunteer support, and nice race swag. This would be a perfect trail run for novice runners and for more experienced runners to test their speed. We will be back.




2 thoughts on “Race Review: Medoc Mtn

  1. Those are sweet hats!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Looks a bit weird on a small head (mine), but fantastic colors! I’ll still wear mine.


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