Carry a phone or not?

Sally Bergesen, founder and CEO of Oiselle, recently posted on twitter the following question/statement: “So apparently a lot of people run with their phones. Why? And I’m just going to be up front with the opinion that you can be a mom, and run outside safely, without one.”

400 responses later. . . apparently it’s true: everyone has an opinion.

But, it got me thinking: Why do you run with a phone or not?

I’ve been a runner throughout my adult life and can only think of a handful of times I’ve run with a phone– it was only to have music, not for any potential emergency.  Mainly I like hearing my own cadence and breathing. I normally run with a group, so I don’t feel the need to carry a phone. I have a very cavalier attitude toward my own running safety: I’m cautious, but rarely fearful.  I have fallen a couple of times (and only once needed to call Keith, but my running partner had a phone). I’m not scared of dogs; I’m fine running solo; and, I like unplugging for a while.

Even after all this time sans phone running, I did something the other day. I carried my phone with me for a speed workout so that I could have music. Then, I came home and ordered a Koala clip because there’s nothing worse than carrying something while running. (Well, not hitting splits is worse, but I like to be hands free as much as possible.)

Like all things in life, balance is key. I’m sure running without my phone and music will still remain my preference. But, I do think for some runs having the phone will be nice. My  mama always said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” She also always said, “There’s nothing to be scared of.” So I’ll let you all figure out which side you want to land.


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