Sir Walter Raleigh Miler and relays

sir walter raleigh
Waiting on rain to pass; Stacy (in orange) is ready for the 4×400

Friday, August 2nd started out as a glorious day. My friend Jennifer came to pick me up so that we can head over to Meredith College to watch the 4×400 relays and then the elites were to race the mile. This event has gained a lot of traction over the past several years, and Carrie Tollefson (C Tolle Run podcast!) was planning to be there to call the race. I was extra excited because our friend Stacy Miller was going to be in the 4×400 relay.

Jennifer pulled up in my driveway and about as soon as we got to the interstate the sky darkened ominously. No worries, it’ll blow over, we thought.

It did not blow over.

We made it down to the track just in time for the bottom to drop, lightening to light up the sky, and constant rumbles of thunder. We were under a tent for a while, holding our phones while they continued to vibrate and ding of weather/flooding warnings.

About an hour an half later, Jennifer and I decided the delay was taking too long, the rain didn’t seem to be letting up, so we left.

Slackers? Maybe. But, it was a legit summer thunderstorm.

It turns out, the Sir Walter Miler didn’t get cancelled. The elites ended up running around 10:15pm. I was already asleep in my cozy bed. Maybe next year?

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