A track workout for the books

Our running coach decided to up the ante on our track workout Tuesday. So, I’m going to lay out the plan, and then you can have the same amount of fun we did! This is best done when it’s 90% humidity instead of 97% humidity and the dew point is 71 instead of 73 – it’ll feel like a great morning!

  1. Warm-up – this is essential. Take it at an effort level 3/4 at most. This is just to wake up, get your legs moving. About a mile minimum.
  2. Do your warm-up drills. All the lunges, butt kicks, high knees, etc.
  3. Add in an extra lap or two around the track for fun.
  4. Set your watch for 20 seconds hard, 10 second recovery x FIVE (5). Now, SPRINT for 20 seconds and gasp for breath for 10, and GO AGAIN.
  5. After the last 10 seconds, start your first 400. About 7/8 effort. Recover for a 400. Repeat – somewhere around 2-4 times (Holly had a whistle, and I guess we ran somewhere between 8 and infinity minutes).
  6. Start those 20 seconds sprints, 10 second recoveries. If you’re in the middle of your 400 and that previous 8 minutes is up, you better find another gear for 20 seconds. Don’t worry, your 10 second breather is coming. Oh, your legs JUST STOPPED MOVING? No one is sorry, but you.
  7. Do this ALL OVER AGAIN for 3 sets.

After you’re finished, go ahead and knock out  cool down mile.

Then, you can be hungry all day.

As a result, you may become a mentally stronger runner knowing that you found it in yourself to run hard even when you thought you wanted to die or jump in a pool or be anywhere, maybe even Umstead instead (no, no one thought that). It’s best not to look at your watch for splits. Just know you’re working hard.



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