Summer running in photos part 2

In June, we took a trip to Europe that included stops in Germany,  Belgium, and the Netherlands. I managed to get in a few runs while I was in each city (Running on vacation -yay or nay?), but only captured a few pictures of where I actually ran. My favorite running location was Brussels because we were .3 miles from a local park that was completely enclosed, and I felt very safe. I ran a couple times in Munich, but because I was street running, I had to stop for traffic and inhale cigarette smoke. Amsterdam was far too busy for me to risk running – between the bicycles and cars I would be no match. We ended up bike riding in Munich and in Amsterdam. It was an incredible trip!

boat ride
We walked a lot – this was in Bruges, Belgium
bike riding
Bike riding in Amsterdam.
I ran a couple of times in Brussels at this nearby park. I ran the perimeter several times around then used the perpendicular straight-aways for strides.
English gardens
English Gardens, Munich, Germany. We took a bike ride through the Gardens on our first day.
canals of amsterdam
canals of Amsterdam
Marken, Netherlands
Marken, Netherlands. One of side trips and such a cute town! Has about 1800 residents! 

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