Summer Running In Photos: Part 1

It is summer, so that means it is the time of slowing down the pace…because we really have no choice in this heat! More than that though, this is not typically a time for road race training, but instead base building, trail running, time on feet, stopping more often to smell the roses, take a photo or two, jump in the pool to cool off post long run, meet for brunch after a long run, or run slowly while enjoying the sights of a brand new city, state, or even country, while on vacation.

So, in the spirit of summer running, we decided to look for the most interesting, memorable, or beautiful sights seen during these dog days of summer runs.

For part 1 of this series, I took photos during a 14 mile solo run at Carolina Beach. This is not a new town for me to explore, but I always see something new, while still stopping to see my favorite places.

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