Race Review: NC Beer Mile

Our relay team

If you are looking for a) a unique race and b) a fun way to spend a summer evening with running friends, look no further than the NC Beer Mile, which has taken place the last two years in May, located at Bond Brothers Beer Company in Cary, NC.

Jen and Amanda in action!

Yes, it is just a mile; however, as a runner, this distance of this race is where you may have a weakness. Warning: If you sign up for the 1 mile race, solo, this means you will be drinking *four* beers, one every 400 meters. Four slightly less carbonated, warm beers. I am guessing this is not something most runners train for, hence, my warning. Fortunately, my friends and I signed up for the 4 person relay, so we each had one single beer before completing our 400 meters and passing the baton to the next runner! Basically, this is your warning: Be careful what you sign up for!

This is a very popular event, and actually does sell out. It was loud and crowded with runners, beer drinkers, live music, and food trucks. There were several waves, so prior to our race, we were able to enjoy watching those brave men and women who were able to run a mile and consume four beers in a short amount of time. These waves were followed by the relays, ending with the final event of the “elite” wave. I’m still not entirely sure how a person qualifies for elite, but they were impressive!

Along with racing, and your race beer, you also receive a medal, a beer mile tank, and a ticket for a post-race beer. Make sure you have your designated driver!

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