A Springtime Mountain Run

My family and I visited Maggie Valley, NC during spring break this year. I spent many days of my childhood at my grandma’s house in nearby Black Mountain in these beautiful North Carolina mountains. Even though I am a complete beach bum, I do love a good mountain visit a few times a year.

img_4950I just bought a new pair of trail shoes, so I brought them along to break them in. I chose the Asics GT 2000 trail shoe, which is described as a basic trail shoe. Sounds good to me, being a wannabe trail runner one day. I bought them online, so was a little surprised by the actual color when they arrived: black with pink shoelaces, with a touch of what looks like pollen yellow on the top. Well, at least it will blend in to what has been a heavy pollen season in NC so far.

I set off for my run, knowing it would be a more challenging elevation than I’m used to, compared to Apex’s rolling hills. The first mile was down, as in, nearly straight down (or at least it felt like that). What goes down must go back up. I filed that thought into the back of my mind for a while, and enjoyed the beautiful views.img_4940img_4948

I found a stretch of miles that was mostly flat with some small rollers. I was feeling pretty good, and inspired by my surroundings, I had a nice progression run. That is, until I started into the last mile, which was entirely back UP the mountain. Progression run complete, it then became 20 second hill (mountain) strides with a 40 second recovery. I climbed the last mile back up, some of my strides barely a jog! It was challenging and funny, but I ended this mountain springtime run on a “high” note!


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