Heat acclimating – what do you need?

runningecard-hotter-and-humid-300x210It’s that time of year that I always wish I had an outdoor shower. I think it would super convenient to not drag my sweaty self all through the house, but instead step in a little teak and river rock shower just off the back of the house (there is NO WAY my dear husband is reading this blog).

I’m not going to write about HOW to heat acclimatize. You can find plenty of other blogs for that. I’m going to throw out suggestions to make your warmer weather running tolerable.

1. GOODR sunglasses. You’ll look cool, they don’t slip and slide on your face and come in a lot of colors (see my previous post: Gear We Love: goodr Sunglasses)

2. Oiselle Roga Shorts: These ALSO don’t slip and slide, have a back pocket for your key and are great at wicking sweat.

3. NUUN tablets – Look, you’re going to lose a lot of electrolytes. I’ve found that Nuun has great flavors and can help replenish you quickly. I’ve also carried these in my water bottle while running. These are also great for traveling when you’ll end up dehydrated on a flight.

4. Hat – It’s imperative for sun protection and keeping the sweat from dripping down your face. Obviously, a lighter color is preferable. I keep thinking I’ll get the white hat with the black swoosh for Mother’s Day. . . 3 years and still hasn’t happened. I should probably just buy it myself.

5. Socks – you don’t want to get a blister while running in the heat. Check out this post for my sock recommendation. These Socks Though!

6. Oofos. These are super ugly flip flops that are super comfortable. They are ABSOLUTELY worth whatever the price tag is (I think up to $50 at Fleet Feet). I did see they were adding more colors. It feels like you’re walking on air with these. Perfect for recovery and wearing down to the pool.

The last you need is to throw out expectations. Don’t expect your fall track times to appear on your watch during an 82 degree track workout. Summer is for fun-running sprinkled with some harder work/higher effort so  that you can reap the rewards in the fall!

Happy running!

summer run
Our first warm run of the season!


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