Podcast: I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

Y’all, Lindsey Hein has been KILLING IT on her podcasts lately. On April 26th, she dropped 2 (TWO!) podcasts interviewing Jordan Hasay (3rd place, Boston) and Scott Fauble (11th US All-Time, 2:09 at Boston).

Now, I have to say, as much as I fangirl over Colleen Quigley and Shalene Flanagan, I’ve been biding my time with Jordan. She’s quieter than the other two, but has fairly active IG and Twitter accounts –more so lately. She had her debut marathon in 2017, and then she was injured for FOREVER. She runs with Oregon Project, and if you follow any of Kara Goucher’s history, Oregon Project sometimes gets a bad rap. BUT, I think Jordan runs clean and works hard.

Lindsey did a great job with both interviews and really helped them give a solid race recap. They each spoke about their training, hurdles (more for Jordan), and then my favorite part was a breakdown of the race!

There is nothing I dislike more than a glazed over race recap. I want to know the nitty gritty details, as in begin at the start line and tell me what happened next. How was the initial pace, did you feel boxed in, what were the Africans doing, when did the surging start, when did you decide to hold back, how did you handle the Newton Hills, when did you decide to make your own move, do the Africans talk to each other, who did you talk to, what was your race strategy going in?  I want to know ALL the things, and you know who else wanted to know: LINDSEY.

It was 60 minutes each of Jordan and Scott talking all things running. It so awesome for me, an average runner who happens to LOVE it, hear from elites about how they run without hiding details. Tell me your workouts! Let me learn from you!

Yes, and yes. I’m one happy listener!


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