Don’t Put an Expiration Date on Your Goals

At the end of last year, I spent some time reviewing articles I bookmarked throughout the year. I’ve written previously about goals, but came across this blog post from Tina Muir and it was yet another great reminder to not put a time limit on our goals.

Choosing a big goal is important. Especially for us type A kind of runners who feel like we must always be working toward something. Pick something that scares you, a BHAG. Then DO NOT put a time limit on it. Read back through our other posts where we discuss life, training plans, and our BHAGs. We believe we will achieve our running goals one day. One day, Karen and I will be fast enough to run Boston – Karen, for sure. But this will happen when it happens. Until then, we’ll continue to chip away at this goal by putting in the work consistently and most importantly, enjoying every step of the way!

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