Gear we love: Jeans!

If I ever own my own company, our office dress code will be athleisure and we’ll wear workout clothes, Title 9 Dresses, and Oiselle Lux shirts all day, every day.  But right now, I’m loving life at a startup and need to look somewhat presentable in the office.

Right now, presentable means: jeans, a tshirt or shell, a blazer, and nice (but comfy) shoes.

Aside from athleisure gear, jeans are my favorite article of clothing. I’ve been on a jeans shopping spree recently. 

Here are the jeans I’m loving right now:

Kut from the Koth Connie Ankle Skinny, Sufficiency Wash I tried these jeans on at an Evereve store in Indianapolis while I was on a work trip.  They wouldn’t have fit in my carry-on luggage, so I promptly bought them from the Kut from the Koth site when I returned to my hotel room.  They showed up a day after I returned home.  I always thought the frayed hem on jeans looked too pirate like, but I was looking for something a bit more trendy to add to my mix. The frayed hem seemed more appropriate for work than ripped jeans.  For someone of my short 5’3″ stature, ankle length is perfect.  And these jeans are super comfy – a bit stretchy, but they keep their shape! For under $100, these jeans are a bargain.

Levi’s Women’s Slimming Skinny Jeans, Starry Bright I had a $50 Amazon gift card recently and when I stumbled upon these jeans, I noticed the price was right and I thought I’d give them a try.  At least try them on and probably send them back.  They were, after all, Levis.  I haven’t owned a pair of Levis jeans probably since high school and certainly haven’t had this light of a wash since 6th grade.  I imagined a very distinct coral colored sweater that I wore with those jeans in 6th grade.  I was pretty convinced that these would be sent back.  Then I tried them on and was in love!  They fit so well.  I loved the higher waist as well.  I was sold.  Oh, and they come in a short length, so these jeans were perfect!!

I’m also coveting (and have been for years) a pair of Raleigh Denims. One day, I’ll cave and buy them. In the meantime, they’re giving away a free pair every day. Enter here.

I asked Karen and Kimberly about their favorite jeans right now.

Kimberly loves AG.  I have tried them on and like them too, but hate the price tag.  She also likes Articles of Society.  I received a pair of Articles in a Stitch Fix box and they made the cut.  I wear my Articles often. Kimberly swears by the rule: Buy jeans in July. Nordstrom anniversary sale always happens in July, and the AG jeans (along with lots of other brands) go on sale. Next on her list is Madewell because several friends highly recommend them. She’s on the fence, though, with the answer to: Can or should a 40 year old wear ripped jeans? 

Karen also loves jeans but hasn’t found her dream pair yet.  What jeans do you love?

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