Running on vacation -yay or nay?

vacationI’m sure as you clicked on this post, you had a definitive answer in your head.  My answer? Yes, of course, but don’t make everyone miserable and yap about it the whole time.

Last fall, to celebrate my 40th birthday, my family took an epic trip to Italy, and we were gone for a bit over 2 weeks. It was in the absolute peak of my training cycle for a goal race. Running was non-negotiable. Here’s the key: Don’t panic if you don’t get in all your runs (it IS still vacation). Of course, I didn’t follow this advice at all, and  I may have messaged several other more experienced runners at various times to ask if I was losing fitness. (I wasn’t.) I firmly believe that incorporating running every other day at a high intensity (think: intervals/fartleks, mile repeats, etc), was a perfect complement to all the walking we were doing. I was also able to run without distractions, and running served the purpose of being fun rather than an escape from work stress.

Running on vacation also sets you up for some adventure. You can run into town or find mountainsa new trail. Because the route will be unfamiliar, I believe it provides an opportunity to relax- without being tied to a pace- and see the sights up close.

The very best reason to run is you have TIME. It’s vacation! There’s no reason in the world to not get in a workout to balance the extra calories and salt consumption from eating out. It helps your body adjust to a new time zone, and oftentimes you’ll find you have access to a well equipped gym – it’s fun to try out new toys!

I know -some of you just want to sit down and relax on vacation, and you’re just shaking your head at this post.  It’s your time to do nothing. I hear you, and  I’ll judge you from afar as you sit on an island being lazy. Are your legs broke?

Get up and move!


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