Fangirling over Colleen Quigley

colleenColleen Quigley may not be a household name, but if you keep up with American Track & Field or the Bowerman Track Club, you will recognize her name; her handle is steeple_squigs. She started #fastbraidfriday, and now I always race with a braid in my hair. Here are my top 7 reasons why you should follow her on Instagram (I don’t think her twitter stays as up to date).

1.She is a work horse. Only in her mid-20s, Colleen showed up on the running scene a couple years ago as a steeple chaser. She now runs the 1500, mile, and some steeples, but she most recently grabbed her first National Title in the mile clocking 4:29:47. That is FAST. Her last 400 was 60.9. What’s even crazier is the week before in NYC at the Millrose Games  in the Wannamaker mile, she came in second with a 4:22.

2. She’s transparent. Despite having Jerry Schumacher as a coach, who coincidentally spent his UofWI years specializing in the 1500 (I think he holds his cards close as a coach), Colleen isn’t afraid to share work-outs and post a lot on social media. When she was injured she posted a lot different swim workouts that were fun for me to incorporate this past summer.

3. She’s grateful. I’m sure most runners are grateful, but there’s something about Colleen’s energy, happiness, and training philosophy that makes me think she never takes running for granted. She knows she has a gift, she works to develop her talent, and I think most days is in awe she’s a sponsored runner.

4. She’s friends with Shalene. This is a reason with no explanation needed.

5.  She started #fastbraidfriday.  We love braids and we love what this stands for.  According to Colleen’s website, it is all about looking good and feeling good so that you feel confident in your ability to tackle whatever challenges you face that day.

6.  Her newsletter is chocked full of good info. Colleen has a degree in nutrition from Florida State, and oftentimes, she’ll post a recipe that’s perfect for a quick meal.

7. Podcast circuit: She’s most recently been on Running Rogue, I’ll Have Another, C Tolle Run, and Morning Shake-out –this one was my favorite.

8. She leads by example. Yes, she does some modeling on the side, and she’s not afraid to show off her body – she works hard for it, and is so positive about her body image, food choices, workouts, that I can’t help but wish more models and athletes wouldn’t be quite so hard on themselves wishing themselves to a new weight or body type.

Be sure to give her a follow!

2 thoughts on “Fangirling over Colleen Quigley

  1. And she’s hot!


    1. Yes, agreed.


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