Dry January – Won’t Do it Again!

This is how  it started: I agreed via text with Erica to avoid alcohol (she does dry January every year as a general reset). I think Karen vaguely agreed up to the point where she goes to visit her mom; they always have a glass of wine together. Me? I simply don’t have a reason, which is how this blog post evolved. Lesson 1: Have a reason; otherwise, this is what follows. 

December 31: Starting tomorrow, no more alcohol for January.

January 1: New Year’s Day bootcamp. After class, a friend brings homemade eggnog for everyone. I decline. My husband does NOT and drinks it in front of me. It’s fine because Erica is with me, and she’s not even tempted (at least until the 26th when she goes skiing). I remind myself I don’t even like eggnog. 

January 2 – no problems.

January 3 – WHO THE F INVENTED THIS? And why? Typically, I’ll have a glass or two of wine during the week, and I’m generally disciplined enough with food that I never feel restricted (I know -disciplined and restricted sounds like I DO enforce limitation, but it’s a whole other post on how I interpret moderation). I don’t like rules, and this notion that I CAN’T eat/drink a specific food. Plus, it is Thursday. I only have bootcamp tomorrow morning. It should be my wine night. *pour another cup of hot tea.*

January 4-6 – with the in-laws. In the mountains where glass of red wine by the fire would be so cozy. I can’t even. So, I decide to relax the rules. Wine is ok on the weekend. We go out to eat, and I ask for a sample of a beer I haven’t tried before. Waitress says they’re out (there are 40 beers on tap and I choose the one that’s gone?). So, I ask for a glass of red wine. Waitress says they’re out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Universe 1, Kimberly 0. I go without; now it’s just principle. (Note: Husband thinks dry January is stupid and orders an IPA he knows I won’t like.)January 6 –  I’m over it. I want what I want. So, Keith & I toast and pour a glass or two of white wine to go with our salmon and tuna. Cheers! Calling it dry-ish January.

January 7 – Uh -oh. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about Bachelor night. It’s a tried and true tradition to have gin & tonics at my neighbor’s house. But, we have a group run at 5:30am on the 8th. Can I get away with lime and water?? She has snacks, so I’m definitely going.  Yes, I can and do bring hot tea to drink. 

8-11 – Husband is traveling. I’m going to be ok. Less tempting to open a bottle of wine without him here to help drink it. Kombucha, I have decided, does not count. Side note early in the week, we cook steaks and decide to open a bottle we had left over from our wedding (we had been saving it for our 5 year anniversary). It was AWFUL. $50 bottle of wine down the drain. I think I’m getting the message. 

January 12-13 weekend – We have a hockey game, and I refuse to pay $9 for a beer that’s not good. We also have a baby shower to attend – definitely no alcohol there. Problem solved. EDIT: I wrote part of this post ahead of the dates super confident in this weekend. Consumed:  4oz of wine at the baby shower and on Sunday Keith & I each had a glass while we were cooking dinner. I’m finding I hate restrictions. 

January 14 – 18 – Husband travels again for work. Are there really 31 days in January??

January 19-20  weekend – I’m about over hot tea.  Erica admitted to having a glass of expensive wine with a nice dinner on someone else’s dime, but she was quickly back on the wagon after that.

January 21-25 – Husband travels again for the whole week. (there must be 7400 days in January.) I have switched from hot tea to hot lemon water with fresh ginger. 

January 28 -31 – Home stretch. Erica’s throwing in the towel this week because she’ll be on vacation, and what’s a ski vacation without apres ski or 3?

Overall, I was probably 90% on target with 3 or so drinks total this month. Do I feel any different? Nope. Was it worth it? No. Because drinking has never been abused, off limits, or ever excessive, it felt weird to call it into attention. I’ll stand on my original thought: I like moderation and balance. We opened a bottle of wine tonight and I had my standard one glass with zero guilt. 

2 thoughts on “Dry January – Won’t Do it Again!

  1. Amanda is on day 7 of 31 with no drinking. She’s on day 8 of 31 of working out.
    I’m not.


    1. Ha! It’s definitely easier to keep a workout streak going.


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