Arm warmers

I’m not going to lie, these arm warmers are 2nd best. The BEST  are no longer made by Oiselle, and this is their second attempt. My friend Deborah has  the original, and I’m kicking myself for not getting myself a pair at the time.

So, for the second best arm sleeves, I recommend the Oiselle reflective arm warmers. firecracker_armwarmers_saturday_2Because we’ve had a wide range of temperatures this winter, I’ve had the chance to wear them and made my pro/con list:


  • The don’t slip. I have smaller arms and they stayed up the whole time.
  • They’re reflective. HUGE win. Since Erica, Karen, and I do a lot of our weekday runs in the dark, this was a big selling factor.
  • They sparkle when they reflect.
  • They come in pink or black – I really like the narrow options. I went with pink, and they’re super bright, don’t match a thing, but when I wear them they are definitely the highlight of the running outfit.


  • They’re not super soft. The original pair was the softest material ever.
  • The don’t have hand covers. (This is barely a con; if you don’t want to see your watch, the hand covers are nice. If you do enjoy looking down at your pace, then move this bullet point to the pros.)

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