Outdoor Research Rain jacket

outdoor research rain jacketI’ve been a runner for a long time and have managed to avoid all but two races and a handful of training runs in the rain. My streak ended in March 2017 when I ran the Shamrock Half Marathon. It was traumatizing, exhilarating, and a monsoon.

I VOWED, SWORE, PROMISED, I would never, ever, run in the rain again. Ever.

Shamrock 2017 was the worst race weather I have ever experienced. It rained, sleeted, had a sand storm, 25+ mph winds, and ended with snow. It was basically a preview of Boston 2018.

I didn’t have a jacket. I had one amazing running shirt, but no jacket.

I went the next year thinking I would never need a rain jacket because I was NEVER going to run in the rain again.

I went 15 months before I changed my mind. December 2018 proved to be quite rainy (really, in NC, 2018 was generally a rainy year). December 14th was rainy and I named my run “Grittiness test- Friday run in the rain.” Not only did I run on Friday (a whole other post on my disdain for Friday runs), but I ran in the rain.

It was during this run, I decided I needed a rain jacket. A GOOD rain jacket. One that I knew would last for seasons.

The Outdoor Research rain jacket does not fail. It’s perfect. It has pockets (I could end here, but will go on). The elastic on the wrists isn’t too tight (you can see still your watch). It’s so light, but still blocks the wind. It breathes so you aren’t stifling hot while running. The sizing is accurate so you can wear a simple layer long sleeve underneath or just a tank/short sleeve. It falls at hip length; your shorts are still visible and don’t look like you’re running naked.

Put down your google and amazon searches. Just order this Outdoor Research jacket

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