Holiday Musings from a Runner

Isn’t it fun to be a runner during the holidays, when you’re out of your element and with your non-running friends and family?

Each year, I show up at my parents’ church for a service prior to Christmas and every single person I speak with asks “are you still running?” as though running is a short-term habit? In my mind, this question is second to “you’re not still working, are you?” –  to which I know my answer will be wrong in their minds, but that’s a different post on an entirely different blog.  I realize people are simply trying to make conversation and therefore I take it with a grain of salt, but these questions drive me nuts.  Why do people assume we runners are one day going to stop?  How about “what’s your next race?”  Or maybe next time, I’ll ask “you’re not still knitting, are you?”

At some point when I’m at my parent’s house in PA, I go for a run.  Outside.  On the roads.  Where most people in PA seem to think only cars belong.  I get honked at – a lot.  Presumably, not because I’m cute, but because I am not in a car on the road.  I sometimes get hissed or whistled at (read prior post about being a female runner).   And I nearly get run over at high speeds.  This is common.  There aren’t many sidewalks in rural PA.  It’s rare for a car to slow down or move over for a pedestrian. Good thing there’s always a muddy cornfield next to the road I can hop onto.

Also true: a runner will always encounter roadkill on rural PA roads.  Close your eyes, hold your breath, and sprint by it.

Also a struggle during the holidays: keeping your nutrition somewhat in check.  Especially when you like cookies.  And also especially when your family only knows how to show their love by feeding you until you explode.  They don’t understand that no means no.  They also wonder what the heck is wrong with you for turning down cookies the third time they’re passed!

On the positive note, I always look forward to checking in with Kimberly and Karen and our other friends to see what fitness related goodies they got for Christmas. This year it went like this:

Me: I got 15 lb weights, an ab roller, and a stability ball. 

Kimberly: I got 8, 15, and 20 lb weights, an ab roller, and a running rain jacket. 

Karen: I got an REI gift card to buy any running related item I need, and some running gloves.

I also got a travel blender that I’m pretty excited about.  It will be perfect for my week long trip next week.  I can’t wait to eat only fruits and veggies after a week of holiday gluttony.  Review to come!

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