Gear We Love: Stride Box

Tis the season to buy some of your favorite running gear for your running friends and family–for ideas check out our previous blog. As an alternative, if you need a last minute gift idea that will ship right to your recipient’s door, check out this fun option: Stride Box. I came home from work one afternoon to find this fun little surprise in my mailbox!


Inside is a fun assortment of goodies geared for runners: hydration tablets, energy gel, homeopathic pain relief gels, snacks, metal straws, and even a recipe and workout card. It was a fun way to try out some products I had never heard of. I enjoyed the Protes protein popcorn immediately upon opening. The hydration/energy tablets were a new find, called Pep Pod, similar to Nuun which is my favorite hydration supplement. I have particularly enjoyed the stainless steel straws, which come with a cleaning brush. Somehow drinking from a straw makes it easier to reach my daily goal of at least 100oz of water. Each box also contains a card with product descriptions and where to find them online. This box was a great gift, and I may end up subscribing to receive more boxes (at $15 a month, it’s not a bad deal).

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