These Socks Though!

I’m a sock connoisseur and a sock snob. For years, I was devoted to PhD Smartwool Running socks; however, at the same tisocksme I noticed I was blowing through a lot of money because of holes and the fabric wearing thin. I switched the Thorlo Experia socks. I still love these socks. They’re thicker than the PhD Smartwool socks and held up for more than a year (I run a little over 1000 miles a year for perspective, and I would consider this mid distance for a non-marathon runner). Recently, I took my son shoe shopping, and the local run store was having a special on Balega socks. I slipped on these socks for a run today and I’m so pleased! These are ultra light socks, but my arch felt supported. The socks are made with merino and  mohair which helps prevent sheer friction blisters. These two yarns keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Belega also includes a bit of silver chloride ions which keep the socks from being so smelly. An equally important note is the values of this company. The socks are manufactured in my hometown of Hickory, NC and in South Africa. One of the principles of the company is to give back to the community. Belega partners with veterans (Veterans in Need Fund), homeless (Back on My Feet at , Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP), and communities in South Africa to help disabled and disadvantaged children. Every time you buy a pair of socks, the company is giving back to help others.  You can visit to find the perfect match for your next run.

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