Gear We Love: goodr Sunglasses

goodr box

Why do you need goodr sunglasses?

  1. They’re polarized sunglasses for $25.
  2. They don’t slip when you sweat
  3. They come in a variety of colors, including holiday themes
  4. They have their own carrying pouch.
  5. They don’t bounce.
  6. Great customer service.

What are the drawbacks for cheap, polarized pair of sunglasses? Just one.

  1. They don’t float.

I know they don’t float because I have a pair currently sitting on the bottom of Lake Jordan. A speedster boat came up behind me and I fell off my paddleboard (and I NEVER fall). I was wearing my most favorite visor and my white Iced By Yeti sunglasses and off they went. The visor survived. The sunglasses did not. Even worse? My son had bought the pair with his own money for Mother’s Day. I kept them all of 3 weeks before I lost them.

I facebook messaged the customer service rep, told her my loss, and I asked if she had a disaster relief policy. She responded within 2 hours with a coupon for me to get a new pair. I replaced the overboard pair with the new ones in the same color, and have yet to fess up to my son. He doesn’t read this blog, so I think the secret is still safe.

Goodr sunglasses
I’ve since gotten my daughter a pair, but I’m also borrowing them. Basically, I bought myself a second pair.

4 thoughts on “Gear We Love: goodr Sunglasses

    1. Right? They come in SO many colors. Great stocking stuffer.


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