Running Rogue Podcast Wisdom

Rogue Running is based in Austin, TX and founded by coach Steve Sisson. The team of coaches at Rogue hold a variety of training programs, races, and other unique services, and also produce a weekly podcast to talk about running  and help its listeners become better runners. I have been listening to this podcast for months, and have learned so much about all things running and racing. The typical format of this podcast begins with a review of recent racing news from the Olympic trials, to US Track and Field Championships, to results from major marathons all over the world. Then, they segue into their main discussion, which can be anything from interviews of professional runners, training content for all distances, or race strategies.

A recent podcast, called Podcast Training Group Wisdom (episode 85), is a series of outtakes from Coach Steve and Coach Chris, who provide one of their running groups with 30 minute weekly recordings on how to execute the workout on their schedule as well as other tips. In this episode, they shared some info given to their running groups with the Rogue Running podcast listeners. This is not their typical format for their podcast episode, but I found it to be full of great tips and reminders:

Tips on dealing with fatigue

  • Are you running the right effort or pace on your quality runs and your easy runs?
  • Are you hydrating well?
  • Are you sleeping enough? Remember: “There is no such thing as overtraining, just under resting.” -Coach Joe Vigil
  • How is your nutrition?
  • If you have checked the above boxes and are still feeling fatigue, get a blood test. Even if everything looks good, it is helpful to have a baseline in case of problems down the road.

Thoughts on effort versus pace

  • Coach Steve and Coach Chris believe that you don’t adapt physiologically based on pace as much as effort. Your pace is the guideline to help you get close to what your effort should be.
  • The same workout in the summer vs the winter will have two different paces but the same effort because of the temperature differences
  • If you put too much effort into your easy days, it will affect your quality days. Keep easy runs easy! Even better, take your watch off, and go on time on your feet.

Thoughts on running on vacation

  • Run only if and when it fits into the flow of your vacation. Do all easy runs or run by time, get in what you can even if you are gone 7-10 days.
  • Come back refreshed and ready to jump back in! (running breaks can be good!)

What is an easy pace anyway?

  • There is no perfect assessment for what is easy, it is simply what is right for you, and it can fluctuate from one day to another, even by 60-90 seconds.
  • Know and trust yourself to know what easy is for you, and stick to that easy effort on those days, so that you get the benefit of recovery vs being counterproductive by overdoing it.

I found this episode to be an interesting conglomerate of lots of little tidbits and reminders. Most of their episodes are more focused on a specific topic, so if you enjoy into diving into the details and thought processes of running coaches, the Running Rogue podcast is for you.

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