Food We Love: Picky Oats

Picky Oats Can’t Beet Chocolate Beets and dark chocolate are two of my favorite pickyoatsfoods.  Picky Bars combined them in a breakfast food and I’m in love!  The other flavors are good too, but when you have the option to eat chocolate and beets for breakfast, why in the world would you choose anything else??

I travel a fair amount for work and I always pack as many meals as I can.  The single serving size packets are perfect for hotel breakfasts.  It contains oatmeal, quinoa, beet powder, and chocolate chunks.  Not only is it delicious (and chocolate) but it’s got a ton of protein too to keep you satiated for hours.  You may think the combo of beets and oatmeal sounds gross.  I assure you it’s not.  Head on over to the Picky Bars site to try it for yourself!

(Side note: there is a similar recipe in Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow that I cannot wait to try!)

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