The Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow potluck

potluck groupWe couldn’t stay away from this topic for long. Mainly because I’m over the moon with this book. I thought I would be benevolent and host a dinner for my friends, but decided to turn it into a potluck with everyone bringing dishes from the newest cookbook: Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat slow.

We had several women from our Happy Runners come over. Here’s what made it to the table: potluck 1


  1. Amy’s Recovery Pizza. I had tested this out on my family a couple Sundays ago and it was a hit -even with my son. Yes, it has sweet potatoes on the pizza, BUT it also has bacon. Overall review: great flavor, filling, and easy to make.
  2. Karen made the apple cheddar scones and the maple tumeric nuts. I was thrilled – I’ve been wanting to try the scones and haven’t had a chance to make them. These are perfect for brunch with friends. We liked that they can be made in advance and re-heated. The nuts are perfect for a quick snack with some fruit. Karen used pumpkin pie spice rather than the cinnamon and it was a perfect substitute.
  3. Erica made chipotle black bean burgers. She even brought some limes to squeeze on top of these patties. This makes for an easy weeknight meal and then use the leftovers for lunch.
  4. Pauline brought the Thai quinoa salad. I think we’ve all made a version of this, but Pauline’s version was everyone’s favorite. She did note that she chopped all the veggies rather than using the food processor, and she used the full amount of the fish sauce. This was seriously good.
  5. June brought the sweet potato salad. There’s no picture in the cookbook, and there should be! It’s aesthetically a colorful salad; the edamame pairs so well with the sweet potatoes. I was so glad June also brought over leftover containers so that we could take some home!
  6. Jen C made chicken cannellini soup. This will be positively perfect on a chilly Sunday night this coming fall. I bet her house smelled so warm and cozy while it was simmering. Delicious flavor. She did add some ginger and a chili pepper flakes and we all agreed those were great additions to boost the flavor.
  7. Jen J  brought the chocolate-coconut cashew energy bars. This is such an easy snack to make, keep in the fridge, grab & go before a run. Jen has a son and twin girls and they gave it a thumbs up.

Of course we kept our dinner in balance with several bottles of wine, lots of laughter, and a look to the future for a Sunday brunch in November to celebrate our fall race season.

Given that this is our third post on the book, have you cooked any recipes from it? What’s your favorites?

2 thoughts on “The Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow potluck

  1. Do avid readers and constant comment makers get invited in Nov? I’ll bring wine if that’s what it takes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! You don’t even have to wait until November. Have you & Amanda made anything from it yet? The pizza would surprise you.


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