A Runner’s Night Out in DTR

We saw an event celebrating Raleigh Distance Project’s one year anniversary on social media and decided to go. We live in Apex, so we don’t know anyone involved with Raleigh Distance Project, nor would we have any reason to go to their event. We do, however, like the Raleigh running scene, peanut butter, kombucha, silent auctions, and most of all – a night out – so we decided to crash the party. At least that’s what it felt like!

Karen and I showed up early, because we’re old and that’s how we roll. We tasted Tribucha kombucha (by the way, they produce come of my favorite local kombuchas – sold at my favorite lunch spots, Sassool and b.good and they sponsor my favorite team, the North Carolina Courage), sampled ALL of the Big Spoon Roasters nut butter flavors (I purchased an espresso version and Karen left with almond butter with ginger – can’t wait for her to throw that into the RFCFES Thai Quinoa Salad!!), grabbed a glass of champagne and started adding our names to silent auction items.


The evening was still very young, so we walked about a mile to lucettegrace for some dessert. If you live in Raleigh and haven’t been here yet, for the love of God, treat yourself! Daniel, the owner, is a friend of mine and a very talented pastry chef. His desserts and pastries are the best! I had a new menu item – Tirimisu – and Karen had the raspberry tart. I got a key lime pie and the usual larry cake, as well as some breakfast pastries for the family in a to-go box, then placed the box in a paper bag. Karen also picked up some breakfast pastries for her family and decided to take a tirimisu home to enjoy after her 20 mile run the next day. Karen’s box was not in a bag – this is important.

Notice Karen’s dessert box (not in a bag)

Because it was so hot, we jumped on the Bird scooters for the return trip. It was First Friday in downtown Raleigh, and these scooters were everywhere. I have been to many cities but never have I seen as many people on scooters as I did tonight. It was super easy to download the app, make a payment, and be on your way. I love this idea for transportation, but there really does need to be some order around them. I understand

Karen enjoying what’s left of her tiramisu (desserts on the ground behind her)

why cities are frustrated. As a car driver, I must be extra careful not to hit someone on a scooter. They’re everywhere and aren’t adhering to any rules – sidewalks, going against traffic, etc. But as a scooter rider, these are a fun and perfect way to get from point A to point B in a place like Raleigh. I’m glad we gave it a try.  On the way back, Karen hit a bump hard enough that her lucettegrace box broke open and pastries were strewn across the corner of Morgan and McDowell streets. I was horrified at my friend’s loss. What to do?? I suggested that she pick them up and put them in my bag. Maybe she could cut the edges off tomorrow morning and heat them enough to kill germs??  In any regard, if she had the pastries, at least she had the option.  I can’t imagine what drivers passing by thought as they saw her picking up pastries from the sidewalk. Karen also decided to enjoy what was left of her tirimisu.

We passed the Raleigh Distance Project party on our way back to the car, so we parked our scooters and headed inside to check the status of our silent auction bids. Karen was outbid, but several of my bids were alive – a short term membership to a gym near my office (perfect timing since I cannot run right now), a hat I’ve been lusting over, and a Runology gift card and hat. I settled up and we headed home.


When I dropped Karen off at her house, the bottom of her bag broke open and her almond butter fell out. It’s just not her her night. I put Karen’s pastries on a plate in her kitchen and headed home.

By 9 pm, we runners must be at home and in bed ready for the next day’s workout!

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