Floating in 900 lbs of Epsom salt

I love an Epsom salt bath, so when I heard about Float in Milwaukee,  I thought I should give it a try!

The whole concept seemed strange but weirdly intriguing at the same time.  Basically,

2018-07-24 14.36.03_preview
My float pod

you get in a pod with a lid – think gigantic toilet bowl – and yes, the lid made me nervous – then float for an hour in 10 inches of water with 900 lbs of Epsom salt.  I was most excited about the potential muscular recovery benefit of spending an hour soaking in that much Epsom salt.  After all, I add about a cup of Epsom salt to my bath at home and that feels pretty darn good.  Float touts its other benefits as relief from pain and addictions, faster recovery from injuries, stress release, increase in creative flow, deeper focus and improved ability to learn, better sleep, and meditation.  Most of all, it’s sensory deprivation.

After a quick orientation, I showered, then got in the pod and closed the lid.  The closed lid wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected because there was quite a bit of space between the water and the lid.  I laid back and floated quite easily. This water is really salty, and I definitely felt every little scrape or cut on my body.  If you ever try this, use ALL OF the Vaseline they give you!  Although I started out with lights and music on, I decided to go for the full sensory deprivation experience and turned them off.  All I could hear was the sound of my inhalations and exhalations. I kept thinking “good things in, bad things out”.  I didn’t fall asleep as I had hoped, but falling asleep in this tub wouldn’t have been dangerous because you really are that buoyant!  I drifted in and out of consciousness, but this mostly felt like a long meditation.  I enjoyed it.  At the end of an hour, the lights come back on and a soft voice says something like “your session is over”. I couldn’t quite hear because I wore earplugs like they recommended.  I got out of the tub slowly, took a long hot shower, got dressed and sat in the relaxation room for a few minutes with a cup of tea.

I was super chill as I left the building and it took my eyes a while to adjust to the light again.  I felt great but couldn’t quite figure out what I thought of the whole experience.  It was unusual.  Staying in a meditative state like that for a full 60 minutes was difficult! Perhaps I should spend more time meditating or intentionally relaxing.  I’m still kind of processing this experience, but in any regard, I am glad I gave this a try!

2018-07-24 15.56.26_preview


2 thoughts on “Floating in 900 lbs of Epsom salt

  1. Awesome!!!! I love me some Epsom salt baths! Where is this crazy place? Only in NC I suppose?
    I envy what you were able to do! Glad it helped ya out!


    1. Erica was in Milwaukee (and caught a Brewer’s game) for the Epson salt experience.


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