The Best Apparel for Swampy NC Runs

oiselleIf you haven’t heard about Oiselle yet, consider this post a favor and go get yourself some Roga shorts. That’s what I did after I heard a woman talking about them at a group run last year. So, when I saw an off color on sale, I snagged them up.  And soon after that, I became the proud owner of a small Roga shorts collection.  It’s all because they live up to the hype. They are lightweight and withstood marathon training in hot and humid NC last summer.  They have a lovely back pocket, perfect for a gel or your key fob, and the best part is they do not chafe!  Did you hear that? No chafing!

It’s a slippery slope, though, with Oiselle.  If you love their shorts, you’ll soon want to spend your entire clothing budget with them! Kimberly has a minor obsession with their Go Tank. It’s a mesh tank top that is very lightweight. She’s susceptible to heat rash in the NC summers and these tank tops breathe really well and work to keep  her cool. Jury is still out on the sports bras though!

Fair warning: when you order over $75 you’ll get free shipping, but it will be by snail mail and take 7-9 business days for your package to arrive. It may be worth paying the $8 expedited shipping to get your gear sooner (before your weekend long run!). Also, coupons are only good for non-sale items. No combining offers. We’ve tried.

We both love BondiBand sweat wicking bands, also pictured.  I’ve been wearing these for years for every single workout.  They keep my hair out of my face and the sweat out of my eyes!


By: Erica Mancuso

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