Paddle boarding – the best rest day activity!

I love my rest day on Sundays! Even though it’s a rest day, I still like doing something active.  Swimming is a good activity, but our neighborhood pool is entirely too hot to feel refreshing this time of year. I’ve lived near Jordan Lake for years, and short of getting a boat, I’ve always wanted to find a way to enjoy the water.

Enter paddle boarding – it’s the best rest day activity!  Paddle boarding gives a very low impact full body workout. Casual paddle boarding for an hour can burn around 300 calories while improving your strength, endurance and balance.  It works so many muscles in your body, including your back, shoulders, arms, and abs.  SUP doesn’t even feel like a workout because I’m busy exploring new areas of the lake an being social with my friends.  We paddle for a bit, then take a dip in the lake.  Repeat.    Bonus benefits: it’s relaxing and you get an hour or so of unplugged time.

When I first started paddle boarding several years ago, I rented a board at Cross Winds Marina.  My husband got me an entry-level board for my birthday gift last year.  There are much nicer, much more expensive boards out there, but for paddling once a week or so for a few months out of the year, this one is just fine.  Several friends have since gotten  inflatable boards, which are high-quality and easy to travel with.  My board doesn’t deflate, but I can travel with it no problem.  I have a kit for securing it to the roof of my car, but I usually don’t mess with that.  It’s much easier to put all the seats, including the front passenger seat, down and just slide the board inside.


If you’re looking for a great rest day activity, give paddle boarding a try.  And if you’re in the Apex area, give us a shout out – we’d love to join you!




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