All things running in Apex, NC and beyond

Welcome to our blog, Peak of Good Running. We are Erica Mancuso, Karen Baker, and Kimberly Wood; each of us are based in Apex NC which is just outside Raleigh. We live in an area with a lot of good road races, good trail runs, and an active fitness community. Peak of Good Running will share the best of the best with you. Over the past several years, we’ve developed a deep curiosity for all things running. We’ve exchanged countless text messages about the podcasts we’ve downloaded, the books we’ve read, the gear we love, and our challenges with eating, training, and racing. We’ve also learned a lot of tough lessons over the years. We’ll share some of those with you and how we’ve both taken a well-rounded approach to our fitness and lifestyle. We’ve seen it, tried it, judged it, and want to share the knowledge with you. The caveat with the blog is you, reader, come with the understanding that we are not elite runners, but we do have a love of running we want to share with the recreational runners and weekend warriors. We have some practical advice that doesn’t live in a world driven by hitting mile repeats at 5:20. We are proud age-groupers and will high five each other after a long run in the heat and humidity no matter what pace it was. We’ve sifted through a lot of products, read a lot of books, run a lot of miles. We feel confident that you’ll agree with us and pick up a few things along the way for your next run. Stay tuned for some great stuff!
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